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'Classic Breakaway'


This revolutionary concept; the 'SmartRider' Safety Stirrup, has been years in the making. Every detail was checked and double-checked by engineers to ensure that the stirrup was safe, effective and affordable. 

SmartRider engineers have certainly achieved their aims in all three aspects. The 'SmartRider' Safety Stirrup has been tested in accordance with international standards by the "TUV-testing facility in Munich". 

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******   View video, photographs and comments from Simon Mills   ****** 

 View the video of Simon Mills being dragged
when he was thrown from his mount at OAKBANK, Australia
This would not have happened with SmartRider!

      The Aim of SmartRider is To Reduce
      Death Or Injury From
      Equestrian Mishaps

This Stirrup is made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, which virtually eliminates the risk of rusting or general corrosion. With normal Stirrups, when a rider is thrown, the foot can become trapped. With the SmartRider Safety Stirrup the inner bar is released freeing the rider.

There are many advantages to this stirrup. Firstly and most importantly, it's safety aspect. There are also the financial benefits. This unique piece of equipment can be purchased for less than a proper pair of riding boots. Because any fall will result in the device opening when pressure is placed on the middle bar, any type of footwear can be used while riding.
While it is advisable to wear the correct type of boots, the SmartRider Safety Stirrup means that even runners can be worn.

Which means everyone can enjoy safe horse and pony riding at your pony club.
There is an obvious question. What's to stop the stirrup from opening under normal conditions? Well, any pressure at all can be applied to the footplate, but the inner bar will only trigger the release mechanism when the foot is placed in a position of danger. That is when the rider is falling and the toe of the foot is pointed skywards.

The SmartRider Safety Stirrup won't stop you from falling, but it will allow you to enjoy the freedom of horse riding with the knowledge that if you do part company with the horse, you'll do just that.


Kenric and Elizabeth Head of Toowoomba, Qld., winners of many competitions and interstate championships, have used "SmartRider" stirrups for many years. In their own words they say "We always use "SmartRider" stirrups for their obvious safety standards, the quality of workmanship and the peace of mind they give to the riders' and their parents. The stirrups have been used successfully in some very demanding competitions."



 Prices: Classic Breakaway - AUD$200.00/set plus AUD$10.00 postage (Australia)

Prices: Escape Breakaway - AUD$100.00/set plus AUD$10.00 postage (Australia)


Prices: Escape Breakaway Western Style - AUD$200.00/set plus AUD$10.00 postage (Australia)

Available in three sizes: Light (Child), Medium (Ladies) and Heavy (Male)

Please specify leather colour

the revolutionary 'Escape' Stirrup from......


Available in a wide range of colours this is an ideal stirrup for pony club and western riding.

Enquire about the new Western Style Escape Stirrup now available (contact us for prices)





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