Friesian horses are registered with the KFPS in the Netherlands with an additional registration certificate being provided by the ANZFHS. For a Friesian to be referred to as  'studbook registered' it MUST be registered with the KFPS. In basic terms there are three different levels within the KFPS Registration system. The Main Register, B Book 1 and B Book 2. 

The majority of countries around the world simply use the KFPS Main Register though in special cases, due to isolation, lack of access to Studbook Stallions, restrictive numbers of members and horses etc. the KFPS have approved the use of non-Studbook Stallions for breeding and this has resulted in the need to include registration categories to accommodate the registration of foals from these breedings. Foals from these breedings are registered in either B Book1 or B Book 2, depending on the registration status of parents and whether or not the stallion has a Breeding Permit. You should visit the Breeding pages for additional information. 

More detailed information about how to read registration papers, colour coding of registration papers and what registry foals can be entered into based on registration of parents will be added shortly.


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